Thierry Huron brings years of experience and success in the luxury and market research industry. While managing the international Marketing strategy at TAG Heuer, he identified the need for a trusted global source of sell-out data in the watch industry and initiated numerous programs in this field.

Founder at Mercury Project, a data-driven consulting company focusing on the watch & jewellery retail industry. It provides business intelligence information to the industry stakeholders (companies, retailers and federations) based on documented and trusted databases focusing on the watch & jewellery retail information (sell-out data, retailer database and new brand launch).

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Thomas Baillod has an extended experience in watch distribution worldwide. Founder of the Watch Trade Academy, he is as well lecturer in several MBA programs in Switzerland and abroad. Having observed the current mutation in the watch distribution, he stands for the traditional distribution while anticipating the new trends of the Distribution 4.0.

Founder of the watch Trade Academy, the first academy dedicated to international watch distribution.
Founder of BɅ111OD, the first watch concept based on the Afluendor approach.

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Our directory relies on information from people in the field. Further to giving access to all the watch distributors and boutique brand retailers worldwide, we can also offer advice and assistance to our clients directly via our Regional Delegates. Their vast knowledge and experience in watch retail acts as a powerful support for local and regional implementation. They'll be pleased to help you if you need further local assistance in your commercial development.

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Mark Lewis-Jones has worked in the global travel retail and luxury goods industry since 1991.

Based in Panama, he consults to a number of firms in business and brand development in the region encompassing the Caribbean, Latin America, and duty free markets.  With a passion for the watch industry, he has collaborated with a number of brands such as Hublot, Romain Jerome, Wyler Geneve, Bremont, and WOLF 1834, successfully introducing and/or developing them in the region.  Mark also serves on the Advisory Board of the Neuchatel-based Watch Trade Academy.



Based in Miami, Sophy has developed a wide network within the watch Industry over the years.
As the cofounder of the brand Tockr, she has been very active in building and developing it on all aspects from design to supplies from commu-nication to distribution.
She is also the head of the famous watch collectors club, RedBar, in Miami.
And to tie it all together, she consults for several industry players and focuses on their business strategy in the US.

A.B.Conseil Trading LLC


LUDOVIC LETRILLART, Partner of ABCT LLC . A seasoned professional with a 25 years international senior expertise in the field of luxury and selective omnichannel distribution with a focus on Middle-East region and a deep knowledge of the regional metrics and assets.


Senior Consultants with 25 years experience, operating as regional marketing strategist, market surveyor in wholesaling and retailing, corporate channels, B2B opportu-nities in the watch industry, Jewellery and Luxury goods.

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