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A Distributors' Directory?

Distribution is a multi-faceted challenge for watch brands: well-known, financially solid brands must determine to what extent and in which markets they prefer to operate through traditional distribution or handle it themselves, while newcomers and smaller brands must evaluate the most efficient method of gaining access to markets. Under this distribution model, both can benefit from the distributors local network and know-how. But finding  the right watch distributor is often a challenge.

This Directory was created by watch industry professionals that identified the key information needed by brand executives to better perform in their daily job. In addition, in the difficult time that our industry is going though, it has become crucial to better connect all players. Today, beautiful products, service and excellence should be factors of success for brands, no longer the scarcity of market information.


Will you get?

​Through a secured on-line database, our customers have direct access to all distributors’ information and its frequent updates. We cover over 110 markets worldwide and 1300 national distributors and agents (including subsidiaries). The database indexes about 1700 watch & jewellery brands.


Knowing who could be the best match for your brand requires further information. Thanks to our directoy, you are able to sort your future distribution Partners through key criterias such as qualified brand portfolio (by name, segment, Swiss Made, etc), other activities (jewellry, accessories, writing instruments, etc), own retail stores, online sales and social media presence and more criterias. Thanks to these filters, you can define within hours your ideal distribution network worldwide, based on certified information. An operation that would have taken you months instead. 


Planned to be released in May, the "Boutique Brands" retailers database will give you access to about 800 retailers around the world that deal directly (or via a distributor) with independent watch brands. These retailers offer usually imporation capabilities and address to a specific audience of watch aficionados & experts.

This retailers' database will be available for purchase in a separate plan. Boundles will be available for existing subscribers to the Distributors' Directory.


To bring you this long-awaited tool in our industry, we crossed many information received from the markets and our official partners. In addition, we worked in close collaboration with our regional delegates that cross-checked information in their area.


Choose from one of our plan that better suit your needs. Note that the Directories is constantly updated with new entries and/or revised information. In this fast evolving environment, it becomes crucial to get first hand updated information from your existing or future partners.

Did we built the database?

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