Frequently asked questions

How can you help me to identify my future clients?

Finding and partnering with a watch distributor or a retailer is a strategy.

When it comes down to how identify the best sources for the watch and retail distribution, so it takes some time and networking. Our service does not stop at sending you your personal access code to the Watch Distributors and Boutique Brands Directories. For us, this is where service begins.

Next to giving you access to all the watch distributors and boutique brands retailers worldwide we can also offer advice and assistance to our clients directly via our Regional Delegates. Their vast knowledge based on 20 years of experience in watch retail acts a powerful support. We can introduce them to you if you wish further local assistance in your commercial development.

Which companies’ directories are available?

We focus on the watch distributors and on the Boutique brands watch retailers.

Which industry sectors are available?

We cover all categories the watch distributors distribute, including watches and jewellery, no forgetting clocks, watch winders, bracelets, knives, etc., ...

Regarding the Boutique brands watch retailers, we only focus on the watch category.

Which countries are covered?

Our coverage is worldwide and keeps growing. We currently monitore 118 countries and in the database, they are also grouped into regions to ease navigation

What kind of information is available?

We offer a unique and powerful application to help you to find efficient and supportive distributors and retailers. You get access to:

How many distributors are covered per country?

We aim to cover >90% of the watch distribution per country, and the exhaustivity of official retailers of the Boutique brands. As a subscriber you are invited to contribute by contacting us for update requests, suggestions and questions. By reporting questions you create a win, win, win situation for you having a request, all subscribers who benefit from your request and us controlling the quality.

Is it possible to get full access for a test?

If you want to see examples please visit the Demo application and click on the Belgium country. All information on that market are open to visit. Other countries are reported in the same way without information. As example, the display of watch distributors in Belgium clearly shows how we report them.

Which sources do you use?

We use a large variety of sources. Most relevant for the research are direct contacts with distributors, companies’ websites, trade exhibitions and trade magazines and foremost our local colleagues and regional delegates in many countries. Regarding the Boutique Brands watch retailers, we use the dedicated store locator pages of the brands corporate websites.

As a client you are invited to contribute to the database by contacting our service desk for update requests, suggestions and questions. By reporting questions you create a win, win, win situation for you having a request, all subscribers who benefit from your request and us controlling the quality of our data.

When it was last updated?

We update the database on a permanent way. The list of relevant companies is checked frequently and adapted when we see new information in national papers, professional magazines, company websites, etc.

Do you supply email lists?

No. We are not list brokers and if you are serious planning to supply key distributors or retailers you should focus on the right distributors or retailers and realize that the use of mass emails is not very strategic because you will likely receive no reactions or from the wrong distributors.

Focus on the best suitable distributors or retailers and smartly fight your way in.

Is it possible to receive a printed copy of the data?

When you have access to the database it is easy to print exactly the pages of the company’s information that you need. You always have access to the latest data.

What are the subscription costs?

Registration on the database is free of charge for all watch distributors and Boutique brands retailers. Companies pay for the full access to the directories. Regarding the Watch Distributors Directory, companies exhibiting at Baselworld will benefit from preferential conditions with the tripling of the subscription period to one year at the rate of CHF 980. The boutique brands directory is priced at a rate of CHF 450.

Please click to Plans & Pricing for a full overview of prices.

Consulting fees of the Regional Delegates are additional and directly managed by themselves.

How many people can have access on one subscription?

Within one and the same company in one country, up to three people can use the access code on one subscription. Using the same code at same moment can cause errors.

Please click to Plans & Pricing to know more about corporate prices

How can I subscribe for access?

There are two ways to order: The easiest is using the online ordering. As an alternative feel free to send us an email with your name, company or organization name and if you are in the EU, your VAT number if possible. For your convenience you can use the standard email form at support@watch-distribution.

Is the credit card payment secure?

Definitely. Our order system uses internationally used secure payment provider.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, we fully accept the GDPR rules and comply with them in our database.

How can I end my subscription?

By default, the subscription period is four months. Subscription will end automatically without any further notice.

We will however contact you to see if you wish to prolong your subscription.

How fast do we get the access?

Access code will be supplied immediately upon payment confirmation.

Upon payment by credit card you will receive access code within 15 minutes.

Login problem?

If you have a valid subscription and your login fails please use "retrieve password" and a new password will be sent. After login you can change your password by clicking on your name in the grey bar where you can edit your profile and your password.

Other questions or personal contact ?

Please do not hesitate to phone us at +41 79 214 71 66 or +41 78 767 02 12 or email us at